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Our Members First Account offers you the best package in checking... opening up a wealth of savings, convenience, security, and unlimited travel opportunities.

Members First Travel
Perhaps the greatest benefit to our Members First Customers is the travel option. Here’s a chance to travel with people you know to places you want to go! Numerous trips or events are planned each month for your enjoyment. Discover the United States from Maine to California, foreign countries, and even close-to-home places with your Members First family. We plan trips for everyone’s tastes: day trips to two-week excursions. The friendships and memories made on these trips are priceless.

Our trips and events are outlined in depth in our current newsletter:

July-August 2016 Members First Newsletter

Summer 2016 Affiliated Banks Travel Newsletter

For greater detail on specific trips, please follow the links below:

Adriatic and Dalmation Coast Sept. 15-24, 2016

Grand Tour of Spain October 14-29, 2016

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